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Will YOU Celebrate with Me?

In 4 more days…I will be 50!!!

Will YOU celebrate with me and help make my Birthday Wish come true?

This is my Birthday Wish: I wish that on Thursday, December 19th, no one eats any animals or animal products the whole day and night!



This means:

Why is THIS my wish?
I think of all the animals across the world who are suffering, needlessly, just so we can eat them.
I think about how we place the pleasure of our taste buds over the tragedy of their confinement and their torture.
I think about our collective indifference and find it too hard to bear and just impossible to justify.

One meal trumps the value of one life – why?
Thomas A. Edison wrote, “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”

Once you know, once you understand the reality of what goes on behind those dark walls of modern-day Factory Farms, the question of whether or not it is “ethical” to eat meat is promptly answered.

Ethics stares at you as squarely in your conscience, as the innocent eyes behind the face of every animal silently pleading for their freedom and for the return of their stolen loved ones.

THAT is why this is my wish.

So, everyday I choose to fill my plate with love and life, color and vibrancy. With that comes a feeling of peace, an assurance of good health and the pride of compassion.

My 50th Birthday Wish is that you fill your plate with food that does not include animals!

Will you join me on December 19th and help make my wish come true? In return, I promise your gratitude, on behalf of all the animals you will be saving.

Please email me at: to let me know!
Visit me on Facebook to show your support.

You May Be Wondering…

How will you get started, How to “Veganize” your meals, How you can still enjoy your favorite foods without sacrificing taste or texture.

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