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Grocery Store Tour

Walk with me through your local grocery store and let me help you make choices based on quality, nutritional value, and impact on your health.

There is an abundant amount of choice lining the shelves of our grocery stores (on average 30,000 “food” items). But so much of what is available to us today in terms of nutrition, is not even food at all!

It is not healthy, it is not nourishing, and a lot of it is not even real!


A marketplace saturated with low-quality food items, that are vastly accessible and convenient, and that can sit on a shelf for months and not go bad! Is that nutrition or is that mixed messages and false advertising?

Have you ever noticed that unhealthy foods are cheaper and more accessible than healthy foods? Why is it easier to buy sugary, processed snacks rather than local, organic produce?

Innocently, we depend on food labels for “catch phrases” like “low-fat”, “sugar-free”, “all natural”, and “whole grain”, and we accept that as healthy advice without really understanding how deceptive these labels can be.

I truly believe that most people want to eat and feed their families nutritious food, yet, here we are in America: the wealthiest nation in the world, filled with sickest and most overweight people. There are so many choices and so much confusion about nutrition, that it is often overwhelming to make sense of it all.

In most cases, price is dictating nutritional choice, not quality.