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Client Experiences

Florence Loeffler
Modesto, CA

My main goals in participating in My Wellness Counts were to make better choices, reduce sugar consumption and simplify meal planning. Before I worked with Sari, I was unfamiliar with many of the items and ingredients that she so beautifully presented during our sessions together.

Sari presented great suggestions for me to replace the less-than-healthy items I have been accustomed to, and offered creative alternatives for me to integrate.

As a result, I feel empowered about my food selections and choices. My energy level is more stable. I now take time to reflect upon about why I look for certain foods. My awareness around grocery shopping has increased and as a result, food preparation is leading me to reach my desired goals.

Sari’s profound professionalism, insight and knowledge has been forever helpful. Sari is angel-like, compassionate about her program, patient, kind, loving, supportive, non-judgmental, sincere, knowledgeable, gracious, accommodating. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have gained.

Sari was able to clarify a lot of unknown information, providing me with a new sense of awareness. I now enjoy water in the morning as part of my daily routine, use various spices for flavor and health, am creative in my snack preparation, use healthy substitutions, got a new blender (big for me) and am making smoothies with new ingredients where I understand their health value. My Wellness Counts program exceeded my expectations!

Laura Biewer, Mobile Notary
Modesto, CA

My top three goals upon starting My Wellness Counts program were: improved physical wellness, better understanding of food and how it impacts my body, and how to make food changes that can fit into my home. Sari was able to help me by teaching me how to read labels on what I purchase, evaluating the fresh food section of the market, educating me on what different colors of food do for my body, and providing me many resources to watch/read.

Before I worked with Sari, I had limited knowledge about fresh foods vs. processed foods. I really did not know what foods were best for me. Sari guided me to an increased understanding of what foods were best for me personally and how to think of food in terms of the wellness value.

Since beginning my program I have noticed improvements in my skin and hair and have gained more confidence within. I have become much more aware of what I put in my body and how my body is affected by my food choices. I now know how to read labels and have increased the variety of single source foods.

I have removed artificial sweeteners, increased green food in quantity and variety, added in super foods, reduced items with high sodium and sugar content, reduced dairy to minimal usage, added a weekly skin brushing regimen, bought a bicycle and started Pilates, begin my day with glass of water first, found substitutes for some of my favorite carbs like bread, increased single source foods to replace processed.

Sari is great at breaking down the science behind the nutrition, and offers numerous resources to back up her information. She is also consistent and good checking back from session previous to current helping to keep my progress on track. Sari is safe and positive.

Alice Addonizio, Retired
Las Vegas, NV

I achieved my desired weight loss by working with Sari, and that was really my only goal. But as a result of our working together, I gained so much more.

I learned new cooking methods, how to read labels, and where I can make better, healthier food choices. For instance, before I started My Wellness Counts program, I was eating and cooking with a lot of oil. In addition to finding healthier alternatives to replace oil, I am using less sugar, drinking more water, and eating more greens. As a result, I’m feeling better about all aspects of my life.

I have noticed more energy, and an overall happier outlook. Sari was able to help me become more aware of my surroundings. I am slowing down now when I eat, and really enjoying the flavors. It really is wonderful to live in the moment. And an added bonus: my husband has also begun to change the way he eats and thinks about food.

Sari is energetic, mindful and patient. As I leave Sari’s program having learned so much, and having gained more energy, I am excited I have the vitality to include more physical activity in my life now.

Las Vegas, NV

My top three goals upon starting my Program with My Wellness Counts were:

1). Making healthier choices for myself, my husband and our children
2). Getting out of my food rut
3). Making a meal plan for my family

Sari provided educational materials, recipes and hands-on cooking experience in her kitchen to teach me about healthy food options as well as what foods to avoid. She compiled sample meal plans for my family complete with recipes and shopping lists. Sari took me on a grocery store tour and came to my home to purge my pantry.

As a result, I am more conscious about what my family and I are eating. I understand food labeling and ingredients, healthy foods and super foods, and know what foods I need to eat to boost my energy throughout out the day. I learned how to cook more nutritious meals, avoid processed foods, and enjoy healthier alternatives to for my family.

Sari provided a roadmap to implement healthy eating. She is knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and healthy living. She is a great coach and mentor, always encouraging and supportive on my journey towards healthy eating and sense of well-being.

I am now eating more green vegetables, adding healthy snacks, drinking green juices and smoothies, increasing my water intake, taking more time to enjoy my food and adding new foods and recipe ideas to mealtime. And I am also learning to avoid over-scheduling and rushing, and appreciate being more mindful.


Las Vegas, NV

Sari is a beautiful being. She has given me hope as a woman . . . it really does exist. I was a mess, at the bottom, and it scared me. I thought if I made my insides good, I would feel good on the outside – Sari brought light and challenged my thoughts. Even when her views were different, Sari didn’t judge or criticize me; rather she offered support and helped ground me.

My knowledge about nutrition improved and Sari taught me how to make healthier choices. With this teaching came clarity to the mind and heart: avocados make everything creamier, fruits and vegetables are beneficial and can boost emotions. I learned the truth about beans, learned how to read labels and I feel amazing when I juice!

I also learned that what’s good for me can taste good too. Now I am conscious of what I put into my body. Being educated about the food that I choose to eat is positive; when I eat plant-based foods, I feel positive and energetic. I didn’t know that before.

An added bonus: I reached my goal to fit into my smaller work vest!


Annie Z., Senior Executive Assistant, Caldwell Banker Premier Realty
Las Vegas, NV

I describe Sari as:
S = Super listener
A = Amazing Life Coach
R = Rare, Beautiful Blessing, lucky enough to have
I = Intelligent

When I began with My Wellness Counts, I was “heavy” in my mind and heart – lost in direction and unsure how to lessen the heaviness. Sari counseled me on how to really listen to “me”, to my body. I became more aware of what I put in my body learned what works and what does not work for me. As a result, I am lighter in mind, body and spirit. I can breathe lighter, walk lighter, think lighter and smile brighter. Sari provided me the tools to help me think more positively, slow down and breathe and be more aware.

My goals upon starting my 12-month program were to choose, prepare and eat healthier meals, slow down, breathe more and exercise more consistently. Sari was able to help me work toward these goals by providing me with menus and recipes that cater to my tastes and health needs, showing me how to read labels properly, and teaching me that food can be a “natural medicine”.

Sari offered interesting questionnaires and charts that helped me log my progress and thoughts. We compared them together throughout the course of our sessions and they were very helpful in letting me see my progress. I feel so much better because I am eating healthy. I have more energy, my moods are more positive; I have less stress and have learned to prioritize my time, “Annie Time”.

Michele Catain, Property Manager,
Las Vegas, NV

Working with Sari has been amazing. I have never met someone with so much passion, kindness and knowledge on health. She was just what I was looking for in learning how to incorporate a plant-based diet into my life.

I have always been a health nut but needed help in making sense of it all. I was lost and confused when I began but Sari has helped me get the structure I’ve needed, with a clear focus and a better understanding of what my body needs. Now that I have a better understanding, I feel smarter in taking care of my health.

Upon completing my program with My Wellness Counts, I feel more aware of what I put in my body, of what food does to me in general, more aware of the health benefits of eating veggies, and more educated about plant-based eating. As a result, I have lost weight and enjoy cooking more often. I have become more connected to my God and more sure of myself in my choices.

Sari is amazing; compassionate, loving and able to tune into my needs. She has a real gift. I can’t even explain how my journey with Sari has impacted my life. She gives me so much information, so much support and so much love in all she does. I love my journey with Sari and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and spirit. Sari works on your body, mind and spirit. She seems to know what you need and helps you to focus on that.

Can’t brag enough about this amazing lady. Sari opens the door to your health and you have to walk thru it and do the work and she is right there with you. Truly a wonderful experience. I have so much admiration and respect for Sari. Thanks Sari for all you do and all you are! Thank you so much for this great journey – it is truly life changing!

Nancy Mallette, Senior Manager Occupational Health & Safety
Cirque Du Soleil

Las Vegas, NV

Sari has been my coach for six months and has been available to answer questions, taught me a myriad of truths about plant based food, and encouraged my journey. I have lost 40 pounds, returned to the gym on a regular basis, found my nutrition-based eating restorative of my adrenals and my sense of humor.

Sari is a gifted and informed professional. Her ability to listen from a place of utter compassion is a true gift. Sari is a kind soul, wise, seasoned and filled with grace.

She helped me understand how vegan cooking can be yummy and fun. Her knowledge is boundless. Her research abilities are sublime. She is a wonderful cooking teacher and is always well prepared for each lesson.

Before I started My Wellness Counts program, I didn’t enjoy cooking and didn’t know what to cook that was nutritious. By the end of our work together, I learned to cook healthy: high nutrition, greens at every meal, juicing, smoothies, yummy oil-free recipes.

I learned about organic food shopping, portion sizes, new recipes, pro-active food planning. I began to find ways to take better care of myself and through discussions on life, food and spirituality.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sari I know you will find your life forever changed for the better. I am better for having known her and am very grateful for her generosity to share her gifts. Thank you Sari!

Bonnie Berkowitz, Owner/Admin. GPS for Divorce
Las Vegas, NV

I started My Wellness Counts Program because I was interested in being healthy, and staying healthy.  Food control and weight management were a priority for me.  I needed to learn how to become more aware of the choices I was making, especially surrounding food.

In my time with Sari, I became more confident and gained a much clearer understanding of food.  I really thought I already knew a lot, but in the end I knew very little.  Working with Sari helped me become more aware of what I was eating.  I learned how to ask for what I want, which has proven very beneficial when I am out in restaurants or a guest in someone’s home.

Sari is a consistent, caring coach with an array of ways to help support my success.  She gave me the strength to know I can do it. Through recipes, educational materials, cooking different foods, showing me how to make different veggies, juices and smoothies, planting my own garden – I became more aware of food and what it can and cannot do for me. Sari is very organized, very educated, terrific!

Some of the many benefits I have received include eating more plant foods, meditating, understanding how to read labels, understanding vegetables and new ways to prepare them, just eating much healthier overall.  I am now learning to listen to myself about staying in control.

Jennifer Potokar, Director of Loyalty Services,
Las Vegas, NV

When I first began my program at My Wellness Counts, I was eating vegan foods that may or may not have been healthy. I really wanted to learn what foods to eat that would provide me with the nutrition I needed so that I could make good choices of what to put in my body.

As a Health Coach, Sari Dennis really helped me with this. She is a genuine and caring person that truly wants to help you get healthy. She is understanding and knowledgeable on many topics, both food and non-food related.

As a result of my work with Sari, I understand food so much better and have much more energy. I now think much more about what to buy and what to put in my mouth. I learned about different ways of eating, and what food actually does to / for the body. I was educated and now have the knowledge to make informed choices for myself.

Overall, I am eating much healthier – I know how to make quick, healthy meals and healthy snacks. I enjoy new foods such as chard, collard greens and green juices. I crave hummus instead of chocolate and have learned to make dairy-free sweet recipes that finally satisfy my sweet tooth. I stay away from the microwave and processed oils. I drink much more water, enjoy nutrient-rich roods to feel full, and eat the rainbow at every meal!

When I started my program at My Wellness Counts, I wanted to feel more positive about myself, eat better, and learn more about foods. The information I learned from Sari about different foods, how to read labels, how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my daily life made such a difference.

I now feel much healthier: I have more energy, I sleep better, I cook more and now know what my body needs. As a result, I don’t crave sweets or junk food any longer. I have lost weight and am happy eating a more well-balanced diet.

Sari is genuine, informed and very encouraging. A wealth of knowledge, Sari is also caring and warm and with her guidance, I am learning to let go of things that don’t work for me, learning to put less pressure on myself and, think positive thoughts about myself and appreciate an overall better, positive mental state.

I am enjoying green smoothies, incorporating meditation, sleeping better, reading labels differently, eating more healthy foods, making more meals and taking in 15 minutes of sunlight everyday!

Melissa Maj, Director of Behavioral Health
Las Vegas, NV

Before I worked with Sari, I was overwhelmed with my nutrition and my resistance to let go of things, to let go of what wasn’t helping me anymore. Sari is a positive soul, calm and intelligent; she taught me how to be present, how to take care of my body and make healthy decisions in my life. I now see my life in a positive way, I pay attention to my feelings, and listen to my gut, and accept it. I have learned to do what makes me happy, and I now know how to get there.

Sari is knowledgeable about everything related to nutrition and health. She is understanding, patient, and extremely skilled in the kitchen and very creative. I am making great food choices, cooking more frequently, and learning about the healing power of food. As a result, my skin is healed and radiant, and I feel great about my body.

Nutrition changed me from the inside out; I have a positive and happier state of mind, I make clean food choices and understand the advantages of fresh food, and I get more energy from natural, whole foods. Sari showed me how to chose and prepare my meals, giving me options on how to eat throughout the day, taking me to Whole Foods and teaching me all about labels. Cooking is now a fun and easy thing to do. I now appreciate how fortunate and blessed I am.

Vanessa Da Silva, Cocktail Server
Las Vegas, NV


Sari Dennis is available, concerned, knowledgeable and caring. During the course of my work with Sari, I found I always had a safe place as she is kind, sweet and warm.  Sari helped me learn healthy cooking choices for my family so that I could prepare healthy foods at home, as well as how to make healthy choices when out.

By taking me to the grocery store, cooking together, showing me examples, answering my many questions, I was able to feel more organized and put together, more knowledgeable about my own healthy choices, and therefore able to make healthy choices for my family as well.

I am cooking more and as a result, my cravings have changed, my body feels better, and my headaches are gone!  I am more patient, I need less sleep, and yet, I feel more refreshed when I wake up in the mornings.

Before working with Sari, I felt sluggish; now, at the end of my program with My Wellness Counts, I feel full of life and energy!

Amanda Brown, Realtor
Las Vegas, NV

Sari, you challenge me and support me at the same time.

Sari Dennis is understanding, knowledgeable, and passionate about health.  Since working with Sari, I have become more confident.  I am learning to accept myself and I like myself more.  This has resulted in my developing relationships with other mothers, and trying to be more social.
I am looking at my future in a more positive light and looking at myself with more love and acceptance.

Before working with Sari, I felt stuck and I lost hope.  Through Sari’s counseling sessions and positive reinforcement, I now feel empowered – I have more energy and I have gained confidence. I have also adjusted my foods, incorporating more greens, whole foods, juices, organic produce. I am eating much better and am even looking into planting a garden! These are just some of the tangible changes I have noticed since beginning my work with Sari.

Shelley Guarnera, RN
Las Vegas, NV

I just finished my second 6-month program with Sari Dennis, founder of My Wellness Counts, and have signed up for another year!

Sari is very good in helping me realize where I have problems.  I understand myself more.  I had not been sleeping well and was on several medications, affecting so many areas of my life.  As a result of my work with Sari, I have given up all my medications and am sleeping 1-2 hours more than before.

Sari Dennis is highly motivated, very knowledgeable, smart, caring and kind.  Sari cares about her clients very much and has helped me eat healthier, and lead a healthier life.

My moods have improved. I am now motivated to mediate more.  I have increased my physical activity.  I eat more raw vegetables and more variety – my tastes are changing. I have less health concerns, better relationships, an improved medical practice and more knowledge about food and nutrition.

I know that many people would benefit from this type of nutritional coaching.  

Dr. Wen Guo, MD, Ph.D
Las Vegas, NV


My top 3 goals upon starting My Wellness Counts program were to eat healthier, lose weight and increase energy.  I always felt tired, bloated and lacking in energy.  As a result of working with Sari, my energy levels have increased drastically – I now have energy to live a fuller life.

I am excited to start each day, grateful, and am more aware of what I put into my body. I am less stressed, more relaxed and therefore have more time to care for myself.  As a result, I am now more motivated to exercise and am doing so as part of a regular routine.

In addition to an increase in my energy, I am cooking more frequently, enjoying new recipes, and making smarter food choices.  Now I can enjoy home cooked meals with my husband more often.

Sari is a wealth of knowledge, nurturing, kind, caring and open-hearted.  Sari has helped me become a stronger person.  She has shared her wisdom and supported me by teaching me what is good for my body, both internally and externally.  Every piece of information I learned I will treasure.

I appreciate the lessons, the recipes, the books and Sari’s supportive follow-up notes which allow me to refer back to all of the suggestions she made.

By eating more of a plant-based diet, I have become less “food obsessed”.  I gave up dairy products, pork and beef, am eating little to no refined foods ~ I have lost that empty hunger feeling.  I look forward to giving up chicken and eventually eliminating all animal products.

It feels great to take control of my health, my life and what I put in my body.  I am much more aware of where my food comes from and take time to really make smart choices.

Jodie Alfonsi, L.E.
Las Vegas, NV


I am now off all my medications. I sleep much better. I now eat a variety of foods and more vegetables. I eat slower. I have time for yoga and meditation. I have time for my hobbies. I have green smoothies every day.

My energy level has increased. My career is better. My finances are better. My relationships are better.

Sari is wonderful: very smart, caring, professional and knowledgeable. Sari provided so much knowledge about food and the way to eat, giving many tips and guiding me to better health. Before I worked with Sari, I thought I knew about eating  healthy. Now, I have much better knowledge about food and healthy eating.

Wen Guo, MD., Ph.D
Las Vegas, NV


I am loving myself more and continue to be more accepting, clarifying what is best for me.  I have begun to journal, create my own seasonal cookbook, meditate more, cleanse periodically, drink more water routinely.  With more self-acceptance and clearer boundaries, I have found softer more positive ways of expressing myself.

Sari’s ability to listen and ask insightful questions engages a conversation that tranforms ideas into action.  Sari is full of wisdom, mixed with humor; a beautiful, awesome human being inside and out.

Before I worked with Sari, I floundered and felt confused about my direction for better health and time management.

Sari was able to help me understand what tools I needed to accomplish my goals, and then helped me discover and design those tools.  So positive about those challenges and gently challenging me when I was stuck, Sari always has a plan and yet is so subtly fluid wihen something unexpected arises – even then, Sari has the perfect thought, question and, if needed, solution.

At the end of our work together, I am more patient with the pace of my journey and am enjoying it so much more.

Kathy Morrow-WayRetired
Las Vegas, NV


The most significant change I have noticed since beginning my work with Sari is that I am happy, healthy and fulfilled in my life.  I now have a great attitude and am taking time to smell the roses.  My tastes have changed.  I am shopping and eating healthy, new foods and I am enjoying cooking and juicing at home.

With all of these changes, I have more energy and feel as I am in excellent health.  Leaving Sari’s after our Sessions motivated me to continue along the path with all the positive knowledge and information I received.

Sari is an amazing, devoted, sincere and sweet soul.  Organized, charismatic, knowledgeable, and motivating, Sari has also helped me organize my notes, my pantry and my closets, and brought awareness to the primary foods in my life.  I love my new friend Sari and I am very happy!

Nancy Glass-Stone, Philanthropist
Las Vegas, NV


I call Sari “Sunshine”: her smile is like a ray from the sun, giving one the impression that everything is going to be all right.  I feel blessed having a concerned Coach who helped me out of the rut that I thought I could handle myself, but could not.

When I walked away from our sessions I felt that Sari really cared about my health and overall well-being.  I regained my desired health needs, was able to open up about personal issues, and address problems that I didn’t imagine we would cover.

As a result, my cholesterol improved significantly and I found myself having fewer health concerns, more energy, eating more of the right foods, and incorporating dance, yoga, and the gym into my life.

I learned how to accept and appreciate a compliment, rather than deflecting. I learned to slow down – both in the speed with which I ate, and the pace at which I functioned – and enjoy life more fully.

Sari, thank you for all you have done for me and the unselfish giving of your time.

Mark Skul, Driver Supervisor
Las Vegas, NV


Before I met Sari, I didn’t have the connection with food that I do now. I have a new appreciation for feeling healthy, now that I know what healthy feels like. I now feel I have completely changed my way of eating to include more greens, veggies, fruits, grains, superfoods, and exclude dead animals.

I no longer feel bloated, I have less inflammation, way more energy and have lost 8-10 pounds. I have elimintated Diet Coke, have less cravings for dairy, flavored water and coffee, and now crave lemon water, greens and proteins found in nature.

Sari has given me many options and recipes to try, showed me how to cook healthfully, taught me how to read labels properly, set up a clean pantry, supported me consistently through emails, and provided valuable educational materials to carve out a healthy lifestyle.

Every aspect of My Wellness Counts was helpful. I loved the whole package. Cooking together was the best!  There is a complete change in how I look at food, how I cook, and how my tastes have changed.

Sari is a delight: non-judgemental, trusting, warm, caring, patient, inspiring, diligent, sincere and full of healthy ideas.  I am so much happier and the best part is that I have been able to share how excited I am with a true friend.

Tracie Donaldson, Yearbook Trainer
Las Vegas, NV


“On the seventh day God made a special angel and named her “Sari“.

Sari is a well informed and caring coach; kind and giving, providing many resources about improving health.  Since working with Sari, I have a quiet mind and a grateful attitude.  Purging my kitchen and incorporating loving affirmations has allowed me mental clarity, and now makes me feel strong, happy and peaceful.

Sari provides lots of information via books and videos that contribute to better health; she has given me many tools to use in my daily life and I will continue to use them as i move forward with my better health: reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, more energy.

Thank you so much for caring.

Denise DanielInstructional Assistant
Las Vegas, NV


Sari is what we should consider to be a “doctor” as opposed to the MD’s we seek health information from.  Educating me on healthy food choices along with positive reinfocement, Sari cared about my health and well being and was helpful in helping me say on track.

Sari is positive, genuinely caring, and very knowledgable. Before I started working with Sari, I was tired, in pain and unhealthy.  At the end of our time together, I have more energy, less pain and a much more positive outlook. I am happier!

In addition to losing 20 pounds, I am now cooking much more, craving healthier foods, sleeping better, and have acquired real knowledge about “true” nutrition.

Christine MarianoMassage Therapist
Las Vegas, NV 


When I began my classes with Sari, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In fact, I assumed it was just another program with just another nutritionist or trainer and that I’d walk away with some new information, as I continued my quest for a life full of vibrant effortless energy and a body image I love…

I would have never thought a lifetime of challenges could’ve been naturally cured in approximately 6 months…however, that is what I was able to accomplish with Sari.

One must realize, Sari doesn’t do the work for you, and its not overnight success, though, she had a way of enlightening me, making me curious, seeing obvious deficiencies that I was oblivious to in a way that inspired me to take action. Her inspiration and learning’s were instilled in me and I continue to take action every day.

Since my sessions with her, I have accomplished more in my personal time, working on projects that I’m passionate about than I have in years.

See, the difference is, Sari’s coaching isn’t all about what to eat and what not to eat, it’s about looking at your whole life and identifying triggers that cause cravings or unhealthy decision and what one might be lacking…once those are identified, I promise, you can have a life full of purpose and meaning.  Accomplishing your goals will no longer be a daunting task and they will be something you will look forward to!

It’s a special course by a special teacher and I’d recommend it to anyone for better overall Health and Wellness. You will not be disappointed!

Nicole Nejezch, Director of Sales  
CityCenter Residential Division
Las Vegas, NV


Dear Sari,
I must thank you yet again for your help, patience and guidance in working with me to achieve a healthier and happier life.
For quite a while you have been suggesting I try to cleanse my body in order to give me some relief from my chronic intestinal problems.  Finally, I took your advice and did just that.  The results have been amazing.
Sari, along with your suggestions to embrace a new approach to food and how I’ve been eating, I have been feeling better each and every day!
You also inspired me to purchase a Vitamix machine, and now smoothies and juices are a huge part of my life.
Thank you again Sari, for being so knowledgeable and approachable.
Barbara Stringer, Artist 
Toronto, ON


I hear all the time that real estate is all about location, location, location.  I must say my experience with Sari Dennis is all about awareness, awareness, awareness.  I set multiple tasks and outcome-oriented goals when starting my journey. The underlying themes were to improve my eating habits, lose weight and expand my spiritual journey.

Sari helped me work towards these goals by asking relevant questions that led to some personal AH-HA moments. She did this by customizing an approach for me.  Sari provided reading materials, administered some insightful personality exercises and suggested a variety of alternatives for behavior and mental process modifications.

The most significant, tangible change I have noticied since beginning the program has been awareness of choices and being mindful that I occasionally choose a less than optimal option. The joy is that I now know each moment is a new beginning.

The most helpful aspects of my counseling sessions with Sari were that she engaged all of her senses when I spoke, and as a result I have a strengthened sense of balance in my life.  Sari is a knowledgeable, compassionate Wellness Counselor who sees to intuitively use her wisdom to guide me along this journey  It was/is important to me that she neither chose the journey, nor led me on it.

As a result of her labor of love, my new-found awareness was filled with awakenings, affirmations and ultimately a greater self acceptance.

Before I worked with Sari, I defined myself by how others experienced my intelligence, physical beauty and health.  Now, at the end of this chapter of our work together, I understand so much more about WHO I am.  I continue to redifine and redirect myself to the WHO I want to be.

Kathy Morrow-Way, Retired
Las Vegas, NV


Sari Dennis is compassionate, caring, smart, patient, non-judgmental and fearless.

Working with Sari in an open and supportive environment allowed me to ask questions and explore my deep inner feelings in order to learn and grow.  As a result, I have more energy, more knowledge about health eating, and the power to do so.  I have eliminated fast foods, stopped drinking soda and am cooking more at home.  A noticeable change in my taste buds has occurred: the foods I used to eat no longer tastes good.

Sari was able to help me learn I didn’t need extensive menus or recipes and I could do a lot of prep work ahead of time to make cooking easer during the week.  I knew I needed a change, but didn’t have the strength to do it.  Now, I have made many changes and do not eat the way I used to: cooking is easier, I am happier and I have more energy.

Jessica Lochner Pharmacist
Las Vegas, NV


I began working with Sari Dennis in order to eat healthy, balanced meals, learn about cooking plant-based foods, and to feel well and be proud of who I am.  I knew I had to change to a healthier lifestyle.

Sari is a caring person and a good listener; she helped me reach these goals and I never had to see the word “diet”.  Sari shared educational materials, showed me healthy foods, led me to discover how tasty whole foods can be, and provided follow-up notes at the end of our sessions with great ideas how to stay on target.

One of the most significant changes I noticed was that my clothes fit better! At the end of our work together, I am now on a journey full of healthier eating habits.  Thanks Sari!

Diana Record, Cookie Lee Representative
Las Vegas, NV


My Wellness Counts is an exciting program enabling one to achieve weight reduction, increased energy and better physical and spiritual health.

Working closely with Sari Dennis as my wellness counselor, we designed a customized health plan to achieve my objectives.  This involved replacing junk food, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, red meat and  processed foods with wonderfully delicious, natural foods that provide energy and support my lifestyle.  

The results are noticeable as I am reducing my weight in a very healthy manner.  I now enjoy a good night’s sleep and have increased energy during the day.  Overall, I feel better about myself.

Sari Dennis is a wonderful, empowering, non-judgmental and understanding wellness counselor who will enable you to achieve your objectives in a healthy and enjoyable manner.

Richard Goldstein, President, Goldstein & Associates Realty, Inc.
White Plains, NY


I wish to thank Sari Dennis for helping me through a very difficult time, and putting me on the road to a better digestive system, and therefore a healthier life.  I was dealing with a stressful situation, and not being able to handle it calmly, my digestive system got completely out of control.

This, of course, led to stomach problems and weeks of misery.  It took over my life.  With Sari’s guidance and healthy suggestions, I was able to slowly get things back to normal.  Since then, I now eat and prepare foods that Sari recommends.  They are natural, unprocessed and do include some organic as well.

I have greatly limited my meat consumption and will probably eliminate it altogether now that Sari has given me many alternative ways of obtaining protein.  Sari’s ideas for the preparation of different food groups that are healthy and natural are easy and delicious.

I have so much fun going to the store to buy vegetables that I seldom bought before, and then preparing them in healthy and yet simply ways.  I have now discovered how really delicious they can be.

Needless to say, my stomach problems have not returned and the boating and hardness in my abdomen that I had lived with for so long, is gone.  On top of all that, I have lost 10 pounds and feel better each and every day.

Barbara Stringer, Artist
Toronto, ON


Presentation Participant Testimonials:

“I have truly enjoyed your Nutrition presentations and have been to the last two. They are to the point, with lots of good information, tips and pointers from someone who obviously “walks the walk”. One thing I have tried to do is eat more “mindfully”. In my case, that is really just slowing down a bit. Trying the samples you bring has opened my eyes to some new ideas and I will endeavor to make some of your recipes.”

Rose K.
Las Vegas, NV


“I thought your presentations were great. I enjoyed them both.  It does make me think about what and how I make my meals. Thank you very much.”

Marsha S.
Las Vegas, NV 


“You are a most gentle teacher as you lay out one’s options in such healthy, tasty and non-threatening fashion to the placid carnivores. When I walked out of class after your protein presentation with a friend, who is a nurse, she was bubbling over with enthusiasm and couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of some of the issues you raised. All of us are so ingrained in how our moms cooked and what we thought was  “normal” diet. I toast you with a glass of good Chardonnay (not quite the resveratrol found in a red), but will now have to look into organic wine. Smile!”

Jane G.
Las Vegas, NV 


Sari Dennis brings a refreshing approach about nutrition to her audience. She delivers an enthusiastic, hands-on message that excites you to open your mind to new or forgotten information, and challenges your myths. She binds people in the common denominator of better health . . . something we all desire.”

Laura Hugelmeyer, M.S.Registered Psychologist NSW, AUS
International Imago Couples Therapist


“We thought your presentation was informative and easy to understand and we enjoyed the new recipes. Nutrition is an art and everybody should discover and learn about its beauty and health benefits that our body deserves. Thank you for educating people toward better nutrition.”

Patrizia and Elissa C.
Las Vegas, NV