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What’s Your Style

As a society, we tend to define ourselves by particular groups with which we belong whether they are religious, political, or social.

The same holds true for our style of eating and the ways in which we define ourselves through our food choices.

For some, it is an unconscious style, for others, it is a style driven by religion, politics, social norms, or personal choice.

What I have learned, and continue to be reminded about, is that we all make choices based on what we know, or think we know to be true.

Before I gave up eating animals and their products, I was an “unconscious” or “mindless” eater: I didn’t think about my food choices much, but when I did, I didn’t think of foods as anything but animal-centered.

I was an omnivore because I was raised that way, as so many of us were, and until 5 years ago, I never questioned it. In fact, for me – the change happened overnight. After watching Meet Your Meat, I gave it all up immediately. (click on the photo below to watch a short 12-minute film)

I know, not everyone will respond in the same way. But, as I stated earlier, we all make choices on what we know or what we think we know to be true. I never knew this to be true before I saw it.

I respect and honor everyone’s journey. Whatever path you are on, it is yours and yours alone. Just remember to eat a healthy, diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins that support your health and honor compassion.



Here are some definitions of the various Styles of Eating. So…What’s Your Style?

Lacto Ovo – This style consists of eggs & diary, but does not consist of any animal flesh or seafood.
Ovo – If you are an Ovo Vegetarian then you don’t eat any flesh, seafood, or diary products, but you still consume eggs.
Lacto – Lacto Vegetarians do not eat any flesh, seafood or eggs, but still participate in the consumption of diary products.
Pollo – If you are a Pollo Vegetarian, then you are probably still trying to ease into the vegetarian lifestyle.  You still eat chicken, but no seafood or other animal flesh.
Pesco Pollo – This style still includes seafood and poultry but no other animal flesh.
Semi (part-time) – If you are a part-time vegetarian then you still eat meat/flesh but you have reduced your consumption.  For example, you may be a vegetarian Monday – Friday, but once the weekend hits, you want chicken or steak.
Pesco – Pescatarians just eat seafood and no other flesh or meats.
Fruitarian – Fruitarians only eat fruits and veggies that do not hurt, harm, or suck the life out of the plants from which they stemmed from.  An example would be oranges and apples.
Vegan – Don’t eat any flesh or any products that come from something that once had a face (is how I like to describe it). That includes milk, eggs and cheese. They don’t eat honey, wear leather, silk, or use or eat gelatin products.
Raw – Raw vegetarians only eat whole grains, raw or lightly steamed vegetables and fresh foods. Some raw vegetarians don’t even cook their grains and beans, they just let them soak for a couple of days until they are soft enough to consume.