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Sharing 2 Special Ideas!

I am serious about…YOUR Health

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When was the last time you sat down and really explored your health with a professional?

Health Counseling with Sari Dennis offers you the opportunity to talk about your health, learn the secrets of optimal nutrition, and start experiencing a vibrant, new lifestyle.

I provide simple and effective ways for you to nourish your body and maximize your health.

Contact me today for your FREE consultation:, (702) 443-4339, My Wellness Counts LLC, Facebook




My 2 Special Ideas: Nutrition and Lifestyle

1.) New Morning Ritual: Super Shot!

Right after my first glass of morning water with freshly squeezed lemon, I make this powerful little Super Shot of health: In a juicer, juice:
~1/2 apple
~1/2 lemon, peeled
~1 good size knob of ginger
Before you shoot it back, take a deep breath in and appreciate the awakening of your senses!

Lemon is alkalizing to the body; it serves to cleanse the kidneys and rehydrate the liver, especially after our bodies have been sleeping and fasting all night long.

Ginger is nature’s medicine; carrying anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties, ginger helps to aid in digestion and boost metabolism. What a great way to restart your respiratory and circulatory systems first thing in the morning! AND if you really want to make this shot extra super, grate some fresh Turmeric on top!

2.) Sharing a bit about Mindful Eating: Put your fork down between bites

How to do it:
Make a point of putting your fork or spoon down after each bite during at least one meal today. Chew carefully, and take your time. Swallow completely before you take another bite. It may take longer to eat, but that’s the point.

Why it matters:
Most of us can eat a meal in under 10 minutes, yet it takes our stomachs at least 20 minutes after we’re done eating to signal our brains that we’re no longer hungry. When you slow down your eating, you decrease the chance of indigestion and you give your stomach a chance to catch up to your brain, which means you may actually eat less.

Experiment: Use chopsticks!