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What is Juice Plus+

jpExperts Agree: Fruits, Vegetables, and Berries are an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Message is Clear: We all need more of the healthful Whole Food Nutrition of fruits, vegetables, and berries in our lives every day.

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, and certainly not every day.

Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you actually do eat. It is the convenient and inexpensive way to add more Whole Food Nutrition to your life, every day.

Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend is made from 7 different fruits. Juice Plus+ Garden Blend is made from 10 different vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend is made from 9 different berries and also includes, ginger, artichoke, and green tea.

Juice Plus+ is: “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.”

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched whole food product in the world and has 29 official studies published with several in the works.

Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement. It is Whole Food Based Nutritionfrom a variety of nutritious fruits, veggies, and berries.

It is made from fresh, high-quality produce. It is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product.

These fruits, veggies, and berries are juiced, and the juices are then concentrated into powders using a proprietary, low-temperature process. This process is carefully monitored to ensure that the all-natural ingredients are not exposed to the high temperatures that can destroy much of the nutritional value of fruits, veggies, and berries, as when they are overcooked.

Juice Plus+ comes in capsules, in 100% vegetarian soft chewables, in a protein powder, AND Juice Plus+ has created a new state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system that allows almost anyone, anywhere to grow their own fresh produce at home.

Contact me at to get started with your Juice Plus+ nutrition!