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Hear This!

My Healthy Life Begins with Sharing Information

You’ve got to hear this! (click on the photo)

Superfoods! A subject about which I am very passionate. WHY?
…because Superfoods contain an abundance of high-level nutrients for the body that are quickly recognized and easily assimilated such as:
~amino acids
~vital nutrients

Superfoods contain all of these elements. They offer healing and medicinal benefits, they are complete in their concentration of nutrient-dense properties, they are plant-based, from nutrient-dense soils, easy to eat, taste great, and their health benefits have been proven endless over centuries: they can help with weight loss, muscle gain, energy increase, detoxifying and purifying the body, helping reduce inflammation – so many healthy benefits!

For my full interview about Superfoods, click here to listen!

My Balanced Life begins with Inspiration