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Giving Thanks, Saving Lives

My Healthy Life recognizes the right all beings have to their own lives

Ever since I stopped eating animals, and noticed that I am still alive, I realize that:
1. We do not need to eat animals to survive
2. Holidays are no less significant because an animal has not been consumed
Quite the contrary, actually ~ not eating animals allows for a more compassionate life.

Holidays are a time to celebrate family, community, health, and togetherness.

But how ironic that, in order to celebrate these values, it involves the confinement and slaughter of non-human beings.

Something about this way of thinking, is just not right.

And something about this way of thinking, is really wrong.

Here is a gentle suggestion as you approach this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday: Save A Life.

Join me in honoring those values of family, community, health, and togetherness by making your table animal-free.

Click on the links below to find out more, and please accept my thanks and the thanks of those whose lives you have spared!

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