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Because You Asked…

My Healthy Life Begins with Greens

Nothing is more precious than our health, and nothing makes me happier than knowing YOU care about YOUR own good health too.

I know this because of all the wonderful emails I receive from you!
You tell me that some of the “little changes” I have suggested have made a “big difference”. THAT IS AWESOME!

Thank You for sharing your thoughts: keep ‘em coming, and Thank You for asking your questions: keep on asking!

Lately, people have been asking “What is your favorite food for health?” I love this question because I love to talk about greens. Specifically, dark, leafy greens.


There are countless nutritional benefits in all green vegetables. Filled with vitamins and minerals, they contain plenty of water-soluable fiber that supports detoxification and are excellent for balancing the systems pH levels. Greens are responsible for sending live enzymes, oxygen and phytonutrients directly to your cells. They are the most natural energy source that exists and highly recommended as a part of your daily diet.


Contains more easily absorbed calcium than milk! Kale is high in fiber, rich in Lutein, a major anti-cancer phytochemical, and is one of the best sources of beta-carotene, an antioxidant believed to be a major player in the battle against cancer, heart disease, and certain age-related chronic diseases. It is also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Kale counters harmful estrogens that can feed cancer, protects eyes against sun damage and cataracts, and strengthens bone density.


One of the most nutritious salad greens and an excellent source of A, B, and C vitamins, manganese and chromium. As an antioxidant, it battles certain cancers, heart diseases, and cataracts. Romaine has the highest folate content as well.
Romaine has dark green, flimsy leaves and a stronger flavor than iceberg. In the center are pale, sweet, crispy leaves. Romaine lettuce is very versatile and it’s hearty texture can hold up any type of dressing.


The benefits of spinach are endless. A dark, leafy green, spinach possesses several important phytochemicals, including Lutein. It also contains lipoic acid, which helps antioxidant vitamins C and E regenerate. Some other highlights include being a great source of vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, protein, and iron, as well as a blood sugar regulator.

Spinach has a hearty flavor and creamy texture that works well alone in a salad or mixed with other types of greens. Be sure to squeeze some citrus juice on your spinach to help facilitate the absorbability of the iron.


Celery is highly alkalizing and contains at least 8 families of anti-cancer compounds. It provides inflammation relief and has been known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


One of the most potent disease-fighting spices, it aids in blood purification, fatigue, digestive restoration, and is great for clear skin due to high concentrations of beta carotene and chlorophyll.


Watercress is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can put in your body and an anti-cancer superfood. Rich in calcium, absorbable iron, potassium and a whole host of other vitamins and minerals, watercress has one of the highest nutritional ratings in the world as well as one of the highest compositions of vitamin C. With a bright, peppery flavor, watercress is part of the mustard family. The flavor sharpens as it ages. It can be used fresh in salads or sandwiches, lightly wilted in soup, or as a garnish. Since it is very perishable, it is best used on the day of purchase.