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Lifeing is a group wellness program for women to help clear away those impediments that have been getting in the way of you being the best version of you. By bringing together a community of women to support each other with the weight of all we carry, Lifeing allows us to nourish our health and our hearts under the guidance of my expertise as a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach since 2010.A time for you to set aside, collect your thoughts and reset your story, Lifeing offers you clarity to better navigate the path to a healthier future through a variety of holistic modalities. These beautiful sessions are held in the privacy of my home, with a group of like-minded women just like you – women who hold space and support for exploration and growth. Lifeing encourages us to share space and conversation, to proactively shed the weight of what we carry, and to be part of a community of empowered women ready to shape our future with mindful intention.

Your Lifeing program is a combination of education, cooking, movement, self-care, friendship, sharing (if you choose), and a personal experience you will benefit from that will help you meet the challenges you face.

Your Lifeing Program includes:

  • Nutrition presentations and information
  • Hands-on cooking and recipes
  • Self-care and bio-hacking techniques
  • Powerful exercises to explore and release blockages
  • Collaborative sharing with other women
  • Personal coaching and support
  • Lending library of resources
  • My personal commitment to your health and success